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bubbly happy rye sourdough starter

bubbly happy rye sourdough starter

via The Fresh Loaf

using sprouted (malted) home-grown, fresh-milled rye & pineapple juice to get going, 1/4 c rye flour & 1/4 c filtered water to keep alive (don’t bother removing, as we bake with it – see vollkornbrot, sourdough muffin foundation, & chocolate chip peanut butter cookies for ideas)- still going strong after a little over a month… too cold in our house, so made a sourdough incubator (2 quart jars filled with boiled water, sourdough bowl nestled in towel, locked down for 24 hours)


LF Nectarines

fermenty goodness - peppers & nectarines

fermenty goodness – peppers & nectarines

via GNOWFGLINS LF e-book (roughly)… LF nectarines (less than ideal, deeply discounted… can’t wait for summer & OKFruit again) – local VI Sea Salt, our maple syrup, some cardamom & ginger = yummy yummy fermenty goodness, esp with skinless crispy NT almonds

(LF bell peppers on the go in the background – just scoop & add to whatever we’re cooking; ditto with LF onions; always have a batch on the go)