Separations and Reunions

practice… gratitude and ego-free love

The Authentic Statement

Separations and reunions have their own irony.  The sweetness of being together again, the pain of finding that there has been a separation in life experiences.  How to meld the two so that the result is not distance or resentment, but the chance for further understanding and closeness?

Firstly, it is about attitude, which can involve gratitude, love, and a vision for wanting to understand and accept the others experiences as something that makes that person even better than they were before.  Secondly, there has to be a relaxation that everything will work out as it is supposed to- this is equated to a feeling of total peace.  Lastly, the chance for understanding and closeness means getting outside of ourselves.  This is when it becomes essential to get beyond the attitude of being right and justified in responses that are less than relationship building.

The last criteria is…

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