Sourdough Loaf


having good luck with the rye sourdough and basic sourdough muffin recipe.  latest edition carrot ginger currant

1/3 c sourdough starter
1 c water
1 c sorghum flour
1 c yellow corn flour
3/4 c sprouted amaranth grain

mix & sour at least 8 hours in warm location

cream together:
1/2 c raw sugar
1/4 c fat (lard or coconut oil here)

add 1 tbsp ground chia seed + 3 tbsp liquid (freash orange juice lately), plus zest and/or spices of choice (grated fresh ginger)

add up to 1 1/2 c additonal (grated carrot plus currants, or chopped frozen cranberries plus chopped NT almonds)

mix altogether, opt sprinkle with sugar, bake in prepared loaf pan @ 375ºF until tester comes away clean (approx 1 hr)