Dinner WIP

inspired by chef Michael Smith’s sweet potato aloo gobi… I’ve been wanting to make it since I saw it on Chef at Home a number of years ago. apparently, aloo gobi is a regional dish of the northern subcontinent, featuring potatoes & cauliflower.

meant to add some peppers from the garden but forgot. did add carrots. didn’t add curry powder, just used turmeric so K wouldn’t complain about “too spicy”. subbed some kale for peas, which was quite nice.  splashed some on-the-go hot tomato juice (working toward tomato paste) instead of water for the cooking liquid (also added that as part of cooking liquid to the forbidden rice accompaniment).

enough success that D can see growing cauliflower in the future (never has before).

K’s response: “too much vegetable, Mom”

sigh.  she did eat all her forbidden rice, of course.