Tomato Paste WIP


to be tomato paste

bumper crop of tomatoes this year. have tried many recipes for preserving the harvest, but have decided on the simplest this year.

make paste while the sun shines.


’cause we can use it in all sorts of things during the winter (including our new favourite, LF ketchup, and B’s staple, tomato soup)



canned peaches

had a friend over to can a batch of peaches. supposed to be a canning party, but that didn’t work out. at least had a nice visit and great results… first time pressure canning peaches, and they all sealed, went quickly, and we did 13 pint jars in one go!

Dinner WIP

inspired by chef Michael Smith’s sweet potato aloo gobi… I’ve been wanting to make it since I saw it on Chef at Home a number of years ago. apparently, aloo gobi is a regional dish of the northern subcontinent, featuring potatoes & cauliflower.

meant to add some peppers from the garden but forgot. did add carrots. didn’t add curry powder, just used turmeric so K wouldn’t complain about “too spicy”. subbed some kale for peas, which was quite nice.  splashed some on-the-go hot tomato juice (working toward tomato paste) instead of water for the cooking liquid (also added that as part of cooking liquid to the forbidden rice accompaniment).

enough success that D can see growing cauliflower in the future (never has before).

K’s response: “too much vegetable, Mom”

sigh.  she did eat all her forbidden rice, of course.