Chayote Squash

chayote squash via thehungrybelgian

I’ve been trying to provide K with the opportunity to pick different produce from the grocery store.  she enjoys the discoveries (“ooh, what’s that? what do we do with it?”…. I dunno, let’s google it….) kerala (bitter melon) was one of our first experiments. chayote was the next. I’ve just been eating them raw in fruit salad or as a sliced veggie crudité.  but I’m keen to try thehungrybelgian’s kickin’ chayote & melon salsa” (preferably fermented!).  hopefully, the selection of chayote is kickin’ at the grocery next week (it’s been good lately, but definitely went through a sad phase).

and so starts my efforts at “findin’ fridays” – where I’ll post something different that we’ve tried (a new food, a new way of preparing something familiar, something different, anyway).  no promises for consistency; I’ll do what I can 😉