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muscovy moment

muscovy moment

it’s duck day again on Tuesday. so hard. we really enjoy having our ducks around (who wouldn’t? look at them!).

it’s a full day for two of us to go from duck “on the hoof” into the freezer, parcelled & packaged. we just did 12 (boys & girls) last Tuesday.  what did we get for that work?

  • 12 packages of breast meat, skin on
  • 3-4 packages of leg & thigh meat, skin on (the size of the legs will affect how many per package); sometimes that gets turned into sausage
  • “discard” skin off the neck, back & tail (gland removed): rendered down into beautiful golden duck fat (a little over 2 lbs from the 12 ducks last week)
  • one meal of duck gizzard goulash (using hearts & trimmed crops)
  • about 2 lbs of simple duck paté, using the livers and about 6 oz of duck fat (plus 6 oz butter)
  • stock (using the bones, whole skin-on wings, and peeled feet) – usually about 16 – 20 quarts altogether

pretty good feed for one solid day’s work (plus, of course, the season’s worth of feeding & raising the ducks!).  besides that, we give the cooked guts & heads, and leftovers from the stock & fat rendering to the pigs, which they adore (“more, please?”).