Silicone Bakeware

perhaps not “essential”, and maybe not 100% safe or ecofriendly (what really is anyway?) but certainly darned useful

Mom uses the bundt pan for an outrageous (and delicious) 6 duck egg lemon sponge cake.  I use the loaf “pan” for sourdough “quickbread” loaf.  the “all in one” muffin tray is reserved for meatloaf muffins or salmon puff muffins. the cake “pan” works beautifully for cherry clafouti or gingerbread cake.  and I’ve since discovered that the cookie sheet does actually work for cookies (bake them on the textured side of the sheet, thanks to Rebecca @Crumbles).  and we’ve got two sets of the individual muffin cups; I never bake muffins (or cupcakes) without them.