Shank Dinner


dinner, thanks to Limpy

after a hard day for D, and some butchering, here was dinner no. 2, thanks to Limpy, the 730 lb boar we shared in.

via McLagan’s Odd Bits, we enjoyed Ragu Masterplan (heart, trim & tongue), and tonight a rear leg/shank braised with mirepoix and finished in a cranberry sauce, with a cranberry jam condiment (sugar, vinegar, cranberries: cook).  oh yum.

we’re getting better: the more animals we butcher ourselves, the more we’re getting out of the animal (odd bits, braising bits, fat, bone broth, paté, sausages & other charcuterie …)

looking forward to more great dinners, with family, and with friends.

we get to enjoy thanksgiving every day, lucky us.