Octopus Confit

we’re lucky to have an opportunity to participate in a CSF (community supported fishery) out of Cowichan Bay.   salmon, prawns, shrimp & octopus on offer; we got just salmon & octopus this year.

Giant Pacific Octopus Arm

Giant Pacific Octopus Arm (Photo credit: Michael Bentley)

last year we prepared it confit according to Project Octopus’ instructions, except we used lard that we’d previously used to confit duck. complicated. delicious.

added some crushed cloves of garlic, bay leaves & crushed green peppercorns; it was salty enough from two rounds of previous confit.  we ditched the fat this time; will have to start again next year.

verdict: fabulous.  best octopus any of us have ever eaten (and we’ve all eaten a fair amount of octopus in various preparations).

K’s verdict: “give me the sucker disks!” she ate them like candy.  and the tentacle ends.  this 3 year old loves beef and pork tongues, sashimi (including uni), gizzard goulash, liver paté… we’re lucky to have such an adventuresome palette in such a young kid!