weedy wednesday – chickweed

Stellaria media – via cladinscarlet.tumblr.com

stellaria should be showing herself in wet shady rich corners of the garden soon. friends of ours had their whole garden taken over, and i just took advantage and collected a bucket full. tincture, vinegar and frozen juice cubes from this harvest, with a pile of seeds in a rich matrix of leftover plant matter, which i’ll find a home for in our garden.

wonderful salad green, brilliant for soothing itchy & rashy skin, healthy, nutritious – another amazing little weed that’s worth knowing.

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Nature Spirits: How to Wildcraft Vermouth In Three Easy Steps

beautiful and thoughtful use of seasonal herbs for infused locally distilled alcohol. via GatherVictoria

Gather Victoria

aperitf Photo by Kelly Brown.

Recently Gather had the great pleasure of presenting a wildcrafted aperitif for Moonrise Creatives first Eat Together Dinner. And it was such a magical occasion! Seeing the guests laughing and chatting together in the beautiful setting of field and forest – while sipping our sparkling summer elixir – nearly brought a tear to my eye. Really.

apertif1 Before Dinner. Photo by Kelly Brown.

After all, this bittersweet, herbaceous and slightly floral herbal libation was the gratifying culmination of weeks spent infusing various Vancouver Island wild botanicals and aromatic herbs in Vancouver Island spirits.


The goal was to craft an entirely regional pre-dinner drink that would stimulate the taste buds and support digestion – while capturing the flavours and fragrances of our local ‘terroir’.


And it was all to begin with a herbal liqueur inspired by the great culinary and medicinal traditions of Chartreuse, Strega and Jagermeister –…

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weedy wednesday – plantain

broadleaf plantain – Plantago major via ediblewildfood.com

this might just be my favourite of the most unassuming, ubiquitous weeds out there. ‘tago has provided a soothing balm for my wounds, my multiple (and agonizing) wasp stings, for our deep, hacking dry winter coughs. and in spring (and all summer long), it’s a lovely bitter addition to any salad. and if you’ve ever had psyllium husk, it’s the seeds from Plantago that you’re using.

i cannot sing the praises of this subtle little weed enough.

look for lanceolata or major – they both work well!

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tall tales tuesday – Waiting for the Magic by Patricia MacLachlan

simple, basic, very short. not up to our usual standards. it’s ok, blew through it in a couple of hours. not very interesting, not very bright to read, so meh from our ratings.  nice illustrations, although they basically fill up the spaces in an otherwise pretty thin story (physically and metaphysically)

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weedy wednesday – sea asparagus

sea asparagus, glasswort, sea beans, salicornia – via plants for a future

not super common near us on the coast, or, at least, not where i necessarily want to harvest it. favourite beach snack for our family, we eagerly keep our eyes peeled. i haven’t yet tried, but i bet it would make an interesting LF pickle.

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