Nature Spirits: How to Wildcraft Vermouth In Three Easy Steps

beautiful and thoughtful use of seasonal herbs for infused locally distilled alcohol. via GatherVictoria

Gather Victoria

aperitf Photo by Kelly Brown.

Recently Gather had the great pleasure of presenting a wildcrafted aperitif for Moonrise Creatives first Eat Together Dinner. And it was such a magical occasion! Seeing the guests laughing and chatting together in the beautiful setting of field and forest – while sipping our sparkling summer elixir – nearly brought a tear to my eye. Really.

apertif1 Before Dinner. Photo by Kelly Brown.

After all, this bittersweet, herbaceous and slightly floral herbal libation was the gratifying culmination of weeks spent infusing various Vancouver Island wild botanicals and aromatic herbs in Vancouver Island spirits.


The goal was to craft an entirely regional pre-dinner drink that would stimulate the taste buds and support digestion – while capturing the flavours and fragrances of our local ‘terroir’.


And it was all to begin with a herbal liqueur inspired by the great culinary and medicinal traditions of Chartreuse, Strega and Jagermeister –…

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