“Happy” Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

multiple allergies, plus trying to heal “leaky gut” and reduce possibilities for problems down the road = very challenging at candy season.  hard enough for us adults; try explaining to a 3 year old why she can’t have that cupcake, or those candies, or… and explaining to friends and family why it’s not “oh just a little treat, it won’t matter”.

what to do?

here are some stellar suggestions/recipes for families in similar situations – I’m so going to try some of these!

ohlardy’s home made from scratch non-jello gummy worms

20somethingallergies’ a few really awesome non-candy sweet tooth alternatives

hellyeahitsvegan’s vegan pumpkin cupcakes with coconut oil frosting

homemademommy’s three ingredient maple pecan candies (I’ll try with coconut oil & almonds)

sealemon’s DIY slime (part I) and DIY slime (part II) for a completely food-free fun way to entertain halloween style

and my personal favourite: glow sticks!


Sourdough Oatmeal Cookies


sourdough oatmeal zucchini cookies

following withalittlefaithandhope’s recipe, plus a favourite family addition to summer oatmeal cookies (zucchini!) = successful snack!  not going back to non-sourdough oatmeal cookies… I didn’t know how to turn my favourite recipe into a sourdough recipe, so much thanks to Helena’s efforts!!

my changes:

a little more sourdough starter (our old fashioned oats seemed quite dry)
lard instead of butter
omission of eggs (allergen)
substitute teff flour for whole wheat flour (allergen)
add 1 cup finely grated patty pan/scallopini zucchini/summer squash
substitute currants for raisins
substitute mace for nutmeg
add scant 1 cup soaked sunflower seeds.

LF Avocado Slaw

LF avocado slaw

LF avocado slaw

following Andrea Chesman’s Creamy Dill Slaw (Recipes from the Root Cellar) using LF avocado goo instead of mayonnaise, and LF carrot sticks instead of carrots, and the brine from the LF carrots (looking forward to summer & doing this again with LF golden zucchini instead of pickles), and NT toasted pumpkin seeds instead of sunflower seeds (all of my sunflower seeds have been used up!)


Sunflower Yogurt Results


used CulturesForHealth‘s vegan starter, added just shy of 1/4 cup doaba sugar to 4 cups heated (180F) & cooled (112F) mylk just prior to culturing to aid bacterial nourishment, incubated in the DIY yogurt ‘bator for about 16 hours

result: separated out, definitely not solidified like yogurt (not unexpected) more like kefir, tastes good!

K’s review: “mmmm yummy” then after third mouthful “I don’t like it” … so maybe we’ll try again in a month or so!

Raw Chocolate Brittle (vegan, GF)

tastes better than it looks

tastes better than it looks

personally, I like a little “flare” with my chocolate brittle… not that I don’t like chocolate, I just happen to use it as a goody delivery mechanism in this snack

this one has goji berries, dried pear, dried pineapple, chopped NT almonds, VI sea salt, our maple syrup, local raw honey, and the most awesome extra virgin coconut oil ever

see meghantelpner for recipe

Grain Free Crackers – Mark I

more or less following healthhomehappy‘s recipe, with a bit of inspiration from thenourishinghome for flavouring …

ball 'o cracker goo

ball ‘o cracker goo

cracker dough

cracker dough

sunflower & pumpkin & black sesame seeds (all soaked or sprouted according to NT wisdom) plus some home-grown sea salt, rosemary & dried currants

result: crumbly, a bit burned so a little bitter, but everyone that’s tasted them has wanted more (and more and more)