weedy wednesday – chicory

chicory flower – via wisewomanmentor

this flower signals end of summer for me, yet it’s been blooming since mid-July this hot, dry year. i’m hoping that i’m not too late to harvest some flowers: while everyone speaks of root tincture for the liver, i’d like to try flower tincture for bitters (digestion)

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weedy wednesday – chickweed

Stellaria media – via cladinscarlet.tumblr.com

stellaria should be showing herself in wet shady rich corners of the garden soon. friends of ours had their whole garden taken over, and i just took advantage and collected a bucket full. tincture, vinegar and frozen juice cubes from this harvest, with a pile of seeds in a rich matrix of leftover plant matter, which i’ll find a home for in our garden.

wonderful salad green, brilliant for soothing itchy & rashy skin, healthy, nutritious – another amazing little weed that’s worth knowing.

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new grill


possibly the best birthday present ever. christened with duck dogs, corn on the cob, and this sourdough brownie. yum.

weedy wednesday – sea asparagus

sea asparagus, glasswort, sea beans, salicornia – via plants for a future

not super common near us on the coast, or, at least, not where i necessarily want to harvest it. favourite beach snack for our family, we eagerly keep our eyes peeled. i haven’t yet tried, but i bet it would make an interesting LF pickle.

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