weedy wednesday – chicory

chicory flower – via wisewomanmentor

this flower signals end of summer for me, yet it’s been blooming since mid-July this hot, dry year. i’m hoping that i’m not too late to harvest some flowers: while everyone speaks of root tincture for the liver, i’d like to try flower tincture for bitters (digestion)

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weedy wednesday – chickweed

Stellaria media – via cladinscarlet.tumblr.com

stellaria should be showing herself in wet shady rich corners of the garden soon. friends of ours had their whole garden taken over, and i just took advantage and collected a bucket full. tincture, vinegar and frozen juice cubes from this harvest, with a pile of seeds in a rich matrix of leftover plant matter, which i’ll find a home for in our garden.

wonderful salad green, brilliant for soothing itchy & rashy skin, healthy, nutritious – another amazing little weed that’s worth knowing.

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weedy wednesday – plantain

broadleaf plantain – Plantago major via ediblewildfood.com

this might just be my favourite of the most unassuming, ubiquitous weeds out there. ‘tago has provided a soothing balm for my wounds, my multiple (and agonizing) wasp stings, for our deep, hacking dry winter coughs. and in spring (and all summer long), it’s a lovely bitter addition to any salad. and if you’ve ever had psyllium husk, it’s the seeds from Plantago that you’re using.

i cannot sing the praises of this subtle little weed enough.

look for lanceolata or major – they both work well!

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weedy wednesday – sea asparagus

sea asparagus, glasswort, sea beans, salicornia – via plants for a future

not super common near us on the coast, or, at least, not where i necessarily want to harvest it. favourite beach snack for our family, we eagerly keep our eyes peeled. i haven’t yet tried, but i bet it would make an interesting LF pickle.

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weedy wednesday – lambsquarters

lambsquarters, pigweed, fat hen, goosefoot – Chenopodium album via greensmoothiesblog.com

this is one our whole family enjoys. i collect, blanch & freeze bunches of the stuff for the winter, we make our kefkedes and smoothies with it, some of us just eat it right off the plant. and our animals love it too.

a note on blanching wild greens from Hank Shaw at hunter angler gardener cook:

As a side note, I am a huge fan of the blanching process. The act of boiling a green thing in very salty water for a short time, then shocking it in a bowl of ice water sets and brightens color so much you will think the greens on our photos have been messed with; they’re not. If you take nothing else from this post, remember to blanch your green veggies before storing or cooking them.

this year, i’m inspired by the creative and marvellous ladies at gathervictoria to try collecting seeds from some of our weeds to turn into stuff like crackers over the winter.

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weedy wednesday – purslane

succulent purslane - Portulaca oleracea

succulent purslane – Portulaca oleracea

i wanted to like this weed. really, i did. i’d tried it a number of times, over a few years, from our garden. we just never seemed to connect. so i’d rip it out (sometimes) or leave it alone (usually).

this year, i don’t know – maybe because it was growing in a bit shadier conditions? getting a wee bit more water? more nutritious soil? anyway, much more pleased.

crunchy, mild, fun to graze on.  apparently ludicrously healthy & nutritious.

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