weedy wednesday – lambsquarters

lambsquarters, pigweed, fat hen, goosefoot – Chenopodium album via greensmoothiesblog.com

this is one our whole family enjoys. i collect, blanch & freeze bunches of the stuff for the winter, we make our kefkedes and smoothies with it, some of us just eat it right off the plant. and our animals love it too.

a note on blanching wild greens from Hank Shaw at hunter angler gardener cook:

As a side note, I am a huge fan of the blanching process. The act of boiling a green thing in very salty water for a short time, then shocking it in a bowl of ice water sets and brightens color so much you will think the greens on our photos have been messed with; they’re not. If you take nothing else from this post, remember to blanch your green veggies before storing or cooking them.

this year, i’m inspired by the creative and marvellous ladies at gathervictoria to try collecting seeds from some of our weeds to turn into stuff like crackers over the winter.

Eat the Weeds – Pigweed Potpourri (plus a video)

Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association – Lambsquarters: Prince of Wild Greens

Edible Wild Foods – Lambsquarters


zucchini wtf

LF scallopini zucchini jars

LF scallopini zucchini jars

some ideas of what to do with all of that “bounty”

zucchini on yumvee

sourdough vegan cupcakes on yumvee

sourdough loaf

zucchini and olive breakfast cake on thekitchn

gratin on thekitchn

via Victoria’s Times Colonist – Helen Chestnut (scroll down to the two recipes)

what are your ideas?

weedy wednesday – purslane

succulent purslane - Portulaca oleracea

succulent purslane – Portulaca oleracea

i wanted to like this weed. really, i did. i’d tried it a number of times, over a few years, from our garden. we just never seemed to connect. so i’d rip it out (sometimes) or leave it alone (usually).

this year, i don’t know – maybe because it was growing in a bit shadier conditions? getting a wee bit more water? more nutritious soil? anyway, much more pleased.

crunchy, mild, fun to graze on.  apparently ludicrously healthy & nutritious.

Mother Earth News – Power-Packed Purslane

fdlreporter.com – Purslane: To Eat or Not To Eat

Eat the Weeds – Purslane: Omega 3 Fatty Weed (bonus: recipes!) and his video

Weed Salad

not all strictly weeds in that we’d planted some of them, but definitely all permacultural, and all effort-free.  this is going into a smoothie this morning.  all greens, as today is wet so no flowers in this batch.


lemon balm
rumex (sorrel)
ox-eye daisy
plantain (plantago)

LF Hot Peppers


little hot peppers floating under grape leaves

so pretty. thanks to our new plastic greenhouse, we already have ripe peppers! location, location, location, folks.

Guajillo & Black Hungarian featured here.