sourdough pandowdy

berry pandowdy

berry pandowdy

the original recipe was called a “slump” although technically it was a cobbler; we turned it into a pandowdy.  mostly because we liked the name, and because we rolled the dough.  we’re going to call this recipe pandowdy from now on, even if it’s a cobbler with dropped dough, just because it’s so much fun to say.


the recipe works beautifully with 12 hours souring: just replace the 3/4 cup buttermilk with 1/2 cup sourdough starter and, depending on how moist you need to make it (i.e. rolling vs dropping the dough) either omit further moisture (rolling) or add up to 1/2 cup milk or mylk or water (dropping).  we used lard (we raise pigs) but coconut oil works great for vegan option; butter for non-piggy option. [edit: to sour, cut fat into dry flour & oats, gently incorporate the sourdough. next day, add the leavening agents right before cooking / baking]

sourdough for rolling

sourdough for rolling

K can’t do rhubarb, so we used strawberries from our garden, plus blueberries.

fresh strawberries

fresh strawberries


frozen blueberries

frozen blueberries

we also omitted the applesauce (didn’t have any) and it worked out just fine. we baked ours so the topping would get crispy. it was very nummy.


Sourdough PB Cookies


PB sourdough cookies


I can now make real sourdough cookies (i.e., the flours are properly fermented/soured; this is not just a way to use up “spare” sourdough starter) using a great foundation recipe from GNOWFGLINS sourdough e-course

and they are delicious.  can’t wait to get into some variations… maybe gingerbread cookies for Christmas?

LF Preserve WIP


cooking down fruit

going to be preserves that I’ll lacto-ferment. contains purple tomatillos, jaltomatos, Italian prune plums, wild evergreen huckleberries, all of which are from our property, and a couple of clementines (which, of course, are not).  added some ground cardamom and freshly grated nutmeg & ginger.  once thickened, will add honey, reduce a bit more, then cool.  will follow GNOWFLGINS fermentation eCourse (here’s basically the recipe I’ll be following)

LF Ketchup

thanks to the crew at GNOWFGLINS I will never go back to store bought ketchup again. totally delicious, awesome with ducks fat roasted potatoes. and I encourage K to eat this ketchup (unlike the other stuff)!  apparently lasts a few months in the fridge… not sure it’ll last us that long though.

LF Fruit Salad


again, not the world’s most brilliant photos, but you get the idea

2% brine (VI sea salt) with 1/4 c maple apple syrup & some spices (cinnamon, ginger, mace) & some brewed water kefir to kickstart stuck in DIY fermentation vessels for a couple of days

fruit used in left: mango, grapes, honeydew melon, cantaloupe melon

fruit used in right: mango, black plums, Asian pear

basic recipe via GNOWFGLINS