herbal honeys

Gather Victoria has a lovely post today on herbal-infused honeys, my new, favourite way to use herbs for daily health & enjoyment.

herbal infused honeys – gathervictoria.com

Check out Jennifer’s post for delicate cold-infused rose petal honey and delicious heat-infused Grindelia honey.

I myself recently made some infused honeys:  wild peppermint, pineapple weed (a local chamomile) and Grindelia from our local beach (my favourite).


LF “Greek” Salad WIP

LF "Greek" salad WIP

LF “Greek” salad WIP

'matoes & cukes

‘matoes & cukes

2% brine + oregano, coriander, green peppercorns + fresh, pesticide-free local cucumbers & cherry tomatoes from Gamboa Greenhouses into DIY fermentation vessel for a couple of days…