tall tales tuesday – Usborne Phonics Reader

now that K is starting to read, we’ve had a lot of fun with “Fox on a Box” and look forward to working our way through the rest of these readers.  using synthetic/blended phonics to teach reading with colourful, fun illustrations, these books seem to make my little reader want to read more.

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tall tales tuesday – The Night Fairy – Laura Amy Schlitz

not a typical fairy book.  Flory looses her wings and has to change her fairy nature to survive, using some of her inborn fairy magic, but mostly determination, perseverance, and ingenuity. a nice quick read, beautifully illustrated, with some good life lessons tossed into the mix.

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tall tales tuesday – The Princess Academy by Shannon Hale

another find from A Mighty Girl top read alouds pick.  another great story – and don’t let the title mislead you.  this is not a typical disney-fied princess book.  Hale follows themes of family, community, tradition, education (and the broadening of horizons through learning) set in a world with a little fantasy.  looking forward to the rest of the series.

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Shannon Hale

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tall tales tuesday – Tuck Everlasting – Natalie Babbitt

Tuck Everlasting – Natalie Babbitt via amazon

tight plot, good development of characters, intriguing story line.  i admire a well-crafted short novel, they’re very hard to carry off successfully (even more do i appreciate a well-crafted short story).  i can see why it’s a classic.  we both really enjoyed it.

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tall tales tuesday – Mog and Bunny – Judith Kerr

new routine for the year includes signing out a book each day from class.  this was our first.  my favourite line:

He was her best thing.


we read this book 10 times between after lunch yesterday and before school this morning.

apparently there’s a whole series.  must find more!

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tall tales tuesday – A Face Like Glass – Frances Hardinge

A Face Like Glass – Frances Hardinge

so good that i kept the flashlight on and read until well past midnight to finish, while camping in our forest with K (trying to keep the flashlight subtly out of her face).  plot twists & turns, fascinating characters.  a girl who’s every thought and feeling shows on her face in a society whose members have to be taught “Faces”, whose thoughts and feelings are never what are on display.  magical and amazing, gripping and rollicking, what a great tale.

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tall tales tuesday – the girl who… fairyland – Catherynne M. Valente

follow September’s adventures through Fairyland with an intriguing cast of characters. we’ve just started the series. it seems obvious to relate this to Alice in Wonderland, but really, they’re similar only in the surrealism and “through the lookingglass”ishness. in some respects the girl who… series is more complex, relating more to the (adult) reader. an entertaining read aloud, but definitely not simple.  finished the second and have ordered the third.

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