tall tales tuesday – Tuck Everlasting – Natalie Babbitt

Tuck Everlasting – Natalie Babbitt via amazon

tight plot, good development of characters, intriguing story line.  i admire a well-crafted short novel, they’re very hard to carry off successfully (even more do i appreciate a well-crafted short story).  i can see why it’s a classic.  we both really enjoyed it.

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music monday – pino forastiere

i had the great pleasure of seeing pino forastiere perform live in Duncan last year with the international guitar night concert.  i couldn’t believe what he was able to do with his guitar.  such incredible, unique music.  i’d love to be able to see him perform at a small, intimate venue.






thoughtful thursday – sealfie

tagaq’s daughter

before sealfie was a movement, tagaq, her daughter & her mother celebrated the success of the hunt, the nourishment of her community, the continuity of tradition with this memory photo, and got a sh!tstorm in response when she joined the #sealfies

My Mother took the picture, and I [Tagaq] put my baby next to the seal, and everybody just thought it was the cutest thing in the world. Like it was a really sweet endearment because I honour my children immensely and I would never, ever, do anything to compromise that honour towards them. It was just showing how much I appreciated the seal for giving its life so we could be happy and eat.

“I wanted to it to be a tongue-in-cheek protest to all these very serious animal rights activists,” Laakukuk told me via Facebook message. “Many of us Inuit use humour to make a strong point instead of anger. I also wanted the sealfie to focus on cultural celebration and positive self-esteem.”

Tanya Tagaq’s Cute Sealfie Pissed Off A Lot of Idiots | VICE | Canada

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tall tales tuesday – Mog and Bunny – Judith Kerr

new routine for the year includes signing out a book each day from class.  this was our first.  my favourite line:

He was her best thing.


we read this book 10 times between after lunch yesterday and before school this morning.

apparently there’s a whole series.  must find more!

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music monday – tanya tagaq

artist and traditionally trained in Inuit throat singing from Nunavut

completely outside my comfort zone. incredible sounds, rhythms.  recently released “animism” is raw, powerful, energetic, ragged, emotional – i find that it resonates on a deeply instinctual level. interview on “q“. improv performance at the Gould.


soundcloud #tanya tagaq


YouTube – via SixShooterRecords #tanya tagaq


tall tales tuesday – A Face Like Glass – Frances Hardinge

A Face Like Glass – Frances Hardinge

so good that i kept the flashlight on and read until well past midnight to finish, while camping in our forest with K (trying to keep the flashlight subtly out of her face).  plot twists & turns, fascinating characters.  a girl who’s every thought and feeling shows on her face in a society whose members have to be taught “Faces”, whose thoughts and feelings are never what are on display.  magical and amazing, gripping and rollicking, what a great tale.

Frances Hardinge – A Face Like Glass

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thoughtful thursday – menopause


via Center for Whale Research

Image courtesy of the Center for Whale Research

Listening to an old Quirks & Quarks podcast (Mar 7 2015) discussing why menopause is rare in mammals (and why it exists at all). Killer whales & pilot whales also experience menopause, and unlike other non-reproductive, aging females in other mammal species, they don’t  leave their family group as they age. The theory: these elders have knowledge that is valuable to the success of their family (thus to the successful propagation of their genetics and thus their “culture”) and their social structure recognizes and values this knowledge by keeping the elder, non-reproductive females around to pass on this knowledge.

Wow. What an incredible lesson for us to take on.

National Geographic – After Menopause, Female Killer Whales Help Pod Survive

ScienceDirect – Current Biology – Ecological Knowledge, Leadership, and the Evolution of Menopause in Killer Whales

weedy wednesday – chicory

chicory flower – via wisewomanmentor

this flower signals end of summer for me, yet it’s been blooming since mid-July this hot, dry year. i’m hoping that i’m not too late to harvest some flowers: while everyone speaks of root tincture for the liver, i’d like to try flower tincture for bitters (digestion)

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