LF Nettle Kraut

nettle kraut WIP via Gaia’s Gifts

shredded cabbage + chopped stinging nettle (gloves!) + salt + LF vessel = delicious

who knew?

and we’ve now got a fresh crop of stinging nettles off the plants I’d harvested in spring (again, who knew?), along with cabbages sitting awaiting harvest in the garden… another batch to make!


LF Preserve WIP


cooking down fruit

going to be preserves that I’ll lacto-ferment. contains purple tomatillos, jaltomatos, Italian prune plums, wild evergreen huckleberries, all of which are from our property, and a couple of clementines (which, of course, are not).  added some ground cardamom and freshly grated nutmeg & ginger.  once thickened, will add honey, reduce a bit more, then cool.  will follow GNOWFLGINS fermentation eCourse (here’s basically the recipe I’ll be following)

LF Zucchini

LF scallopini zucchini jars

LF scallopini zucchini jars

LF scallopini zucchini jars

LF scallopini zucchini jars

a couple of heads of dill seed, a head of garlic split between, plus a couple of grape leaves each.

ready, set, ferment!

LF Hot Peppers


little hot peppers floating under grape leaves

so pretty. thanks to our new plastic greenhouse, we already have ripe peppers! location, location, location, folks.

Guajillo & Black Hungarian featured here.

LF Myths

'matoes & cukes

‘matoes & cukes

aint’ that a pretty sight?

mythbusting LF style – thanks to Cultures for Health

Better Airlock

airlock grommets – original design

drilled airlock bungs

the original design used a small airlock grommet to seal the hole cut into the Fido jar lid.  we’ve got a great big hole now, and it fits a standard (No 7) airlock bung perfectly.  it’s a skookum, positive closure, and doesn’t easily wear out.  woot!